10/27/2018 email from Heather Mitchell

[Note: Footnotes have been added to highlight claims that have proven to be inaccurate, misleading, or prematurely optimistic]

From: Heather Mitchell <[redacted]>
Date: Sat, Oct 27, 2018, 7:23 PM
Subject: Resent about Question
To: [parents]
Dear Park Side families,

We have received many emails with questions and concerns. Please know that we will answer as many questions as we are able to but there are some questions that just cannot be answered.

Safety of our school and playground:

Every year we receive a visit from the licensing board. They inspect our school and playground. All of our inspections have passed with no issues.1 Our last inspection was in July 2018. Due to the accident, an additional inspection on the playground and school was performed and has found no issues with our playground structures or our indoor classroom.2 In the future, we will continue3 to have our large playground structures inspected by the licensing department before use. The school was cleared to resume the day after the inspection, but we decided to wait one week to give all families some time to cope.

The equipment that fell:

The A frame structure that held our tire swing was inspected before use4 and after the accident. In both cases and in the disassembling of the structure and of the swing it was found in good working conditions5 and with no deficiencies.

What happened?:

The A frame with the swing still attached fell backwards on the ground. The children fell to the ground while still on the swing and sadly [redacted] hit her head. The children on the swing were all being supervised by a teacher at the time of the accident, We were not told to take the swing down we chose to do this on our own volition.6

Copies of reports:

Licensing has posted a sign stating that they came out and there were no deficiencies found7 in the visit. Unfortunately, other reports are not at our liberty to share.8

Teacher Training;

The entire staff at Park Side is CPR and First Aid certified. All staff participate in a training every two years to learn how to handle a variety of emergency situations, CPR for children and adults as well as the best ways to treat minor injuries, scrapes, bumps, etc.

Past School Safety:

Park Side has never had an accident involving a teacher or student that resulted in an ambulance or licensing being called. We have also had a clear safety check of our playground and inside every facility every year we have been open.9

We understand your questions and concerns regarding the safety of your children and we would like to do everything that we can to ease your concerns.10 The children and their safety are our number one concern. We look forward to bringing everyone together again at school and supporting each other through this difficult time.

If you have further questions or concerns you may contact the Park Side Preschool board.11

Ms. Heather & Park Side Preschool Board Members

  1. False. In 2015 two citations were issued for relatively minor issues at the annual inspection
  2. The 10/22 Field Evaluation Report does not support this claim. It only states that no citations were issued. On 11/1, two citations were issued for playground structures. See reports
  3. The swing which failed was not inspected by CCLD. To continue, you must first begin
  4. Park Side has provided no evidence that anyone other than the unnamed person who assembled the frame examined it
  5. The frame fell over. This is not good working condition.
  6. CCLD ordered the swing’s removal on 11/1.
  7. Sign says “no deficiencies cited”. It was prematurely optimistic to claim that none were found
  8. Park Side has offered no evidence they have other reports. They have referenced other reports they do not have that they wish they did (police, insurance). Given that CCLD issued citations on 11/1, it seems unlikely they issued a confidential but positive report
  9. False. Three Type B citations (for issues which “may become an immediate risk to the health, safety or personal rights of clients”) were issued in 2015; two at the annual inspection and one as a result of a complaint investigation.
  10. Park Side refused to perform an independent inspection for over a week, and still hasn’t performed one. Park Side refused to answer questions about anchoring or padding until CCLD issued citations describing conditions.
  11. While this is no longer the preferred point of contact, Park Side still has not provided a way to contact the board directly.