11/2/2018 memo from Mike Marzano

[Sent via email attachment from Heather Mitchell at 2:46 pm 11/4/2018]

Dear Park Side Parents

On Thursday November 1, 2018, Miss Heather, the Preschool Director, and I attended a Noncompliance Conference with the State Community Care Licensing Division. The state staff attending included the District Manager, the Licensing Program Manager and the Licensing Program Analyst.

We discussed the tragic accident that occurred at Park Side. The Licensing Program Manager and Analyst talked about their inspection of the play area after the accident.

The Regional Manager notified us that Park Side Preschool has been cited for two violations. The text of the violations is included on the attached documents. Both violations were focused on the swing where the accident occurred. The violations have been abated and cleared.

At this time and for the next 12 months we are required to present all parents with copies of the State Facility Evaluation Report, the Noncompliance Conference Summary and the Letter of Deficiency Citations Cleared. We are also required to keep on file an Acknowledgement of Receipt of these Licensing Reports signed by each parent.

Attached are all of these documents and the acknowledgement that will need to be signed and returned to the preschool.

The State Licensing Division is pleased with our response to this incident. They have not identified any additional issues from their inspections and are working with us to continue our operation of Park Side Preschool.

As a reminder we are having a meeting Monday evening at 7:00 pm where you can ask questions and we will provide the answers we currently have.

We are still waiting to gain information from other reports being completed about this accident and will continue to share information after Monday.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through this process.

Mike Marzano
Chairman of Trustees
First Presbyterian Church Newark
[contact info redacted]