11/15/2018 email from Heather Mitchell and Mike Marzano

Note: Footnotes have been added to the original email

From: Heather Mitchell <[redacted]>
Date: Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 10:36 AM
Subject: Fw: Message to parents
To: [parents]

Good morning Park Side families,

We are working diligently and moving forward on several items, please see below a memo from Mike Marzano.
Thank you,
Ms. Heather

Dear Park Side Parents,

There has been a lot happening but first I would like to thank everyone for the supportive emails and phone calls.

We contacted multiple Playground inspectors. One inspector was selected, and they have coordinated with Heather to complete an inspection.1 Once the report is available we will provide you a copy of the report and a plan of action for any items that need to be addressed. At the same time a complaint was filed with the Licensing Division which generated another Licensing inspection. The licensing reports are available online2 and a notice of the visit posted at the Preschool. Staff are working to coordinate repairs and maintenance of items that were identified from all the inspections.3 Please see below:

-Add more mulch to the planter area
– Sand and re-paint play houses, benches and stage
– only use flat stepping stumps (we decided to just eliminate them)
– Paint/remove rust from monkey bars
– Green airplane removed until a better place is found to have it.

Licensing spent two hours doing their inspection they also looked at all aspects including inspecting the sandbox for termite damage, none was found, as well as the snack area and all playground structures.
All items are being worked on during the next week while the school is on break. Once they are completed licensing will come out to revisit and confirm all the work has been done.4 You will receive an update once that is completed.

The Board met Monday evening and discussed some of the policy changes suggested to improve the Preschool.5 They are working with staff to establish a safety officer position and a job description for the position. It was agreed that there should be multiple safety inspections during the year. After the current inspections are complete, we will determine a good frequency for inspections. The board is reviewing apps for parent notification to help during emergencies. The board will review the handbook to make updates for the emergency procedures and include the new notification system.

Yesterday I talked with the police detective assigned to the investigation of the accident. His report is not complete. He is still waiting for additional documentation. He estimates that it could be a couple of months until the report is complete.

Heather will continue to communicate with everyone as we work to improve the preschool.6


Mike Marzano

Fair Winds
Mike Marzano
[contact info redacted]

Park Side Preschool
35450 Newark Blvd,
Newark, CA-94560.

Call: [redacted]

Email: [redacted]
Website: www.parksidepreschool.org

  1. It is not clear whether this inspection has actually occurred yet.
  2. The reports are not yet on CCLD’s public site, but the report is available here.
  3. The only documented inspection to date is this CCLD complaint investigation.
  4. Park Side received a citation for these maintenance issues.
  5. Parents were not invited to attend.
  6. Mike Marzano has not clarified whether he or Heather Mitchell is the current point of contact.