11/25/2018 CPSI email from Heather Mitchell

Note: The attachments are on the CPSI inspections page.

From: Heather Mitchell <[redacted]>
Date: Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 5:42 PM
Subject: Playground Inspections
To: [parents]

Good evening Park Side families,

I hope everyone had a great time together with family and friends during this Thanksgiving break. We have been busy during this time off. We were able to complete our playground inspection by a certified inspector from Safe 2 Play. https://playgroundsafetyinspections.net/

We have learned a lot from the Inspector and will be using their guidelines in the future to ensure that our playground is meeting the National Playground Institute standard. After talking with the Inspector if we do this we will also meet all of the licensing requirements and in many cases exceed them.

We will be conducting a yearly inspection with Safe 2 Play to make sure our playground is compliant. I am attaching both reports from Safe 2 Play.

The first report is the initial inspection with the items that needed to be corrected. Some were the same as licensing, others not. We were able to complete the corrections requested by the inspector and have received a second report that states that we have made the corrections and are compliant and have Passed.

Somethings that we have learned is that the requirements from licensing and the recommendations from the Inspector are different. Some very noticeable ones when you return this week will be the depth of the rubber playground mulch and the removing of some playground equipment because of the necessary distance needed between equipment, below you will find a more detailed list of the work completed.

Here are the items that have been corrected:
-Added rubber mulch to the playground structure area
-Removed the climbing dome and airplane from the structure area (we didn’t have enough space in between the items to keep them)
-We have completely removed 2 wood playhouses instead of fixing them. (Yellow one and the Cabin one)
-We have kept one wooden playhouse. We fixed, sanded and stained it.
-Sanded and stained the stage and the other wooden platform that a playhouse sits on
-Cut the rod that was in the flowerpot
-Put back the water table container on the frame
-Placed a new spicket on the nozzle for the back water hose
-Filled in areas of the playground with dirt and mulch

As you can see we have made several changes to the playground. Our goal, with the information that we have learned, is to be able to provide a fun and safe playground environment for our students to enjoy.

In the future, if we are adding or making adjustments to the playground we will be using this company and notifying licensing of our future requests.
We have also submitted all of these changes to licensing and are waiting on their response. Once we receive one from them we will update you as well.

Thank you,
Ms. Heather

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Newark, CA-94560.
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