New citation and other updates

Park Side sent out an update email last week. It’s taken some time to try to verify the information in it.

New citation

CCLD issued a new citation on 11/15/2018 in response to a parent complaint, for “maintenance-related hazards” on the playground which are “a potential threat to the health and safety to children in care.” The hazards are to be corrected over Thanksgiving break, and Park Side is to develop a plan to better maintain the playground.

Why wasn’t this citation given along with the citations for the tire swing frame?

Despite Park Side’s claims, this is the first time CCLD has inspected the playground as a whole. The 10/22/2018 visit right after the incident was focused on interviewing Park Side staff and did not include an inspection of the rest of the playground and school. While this email talks about “all the inspections,” no other inspections have been documented.

Independent inspector

CCLD inspections are important, but they are broad and do not have detailed criteria for playground safety. Park Side had already agreed to parent demands for an independent inspection. With this progress update, an inspector has been selected, but their report is not available. It is unclear if the inspection has occurred. Park Side hasn’t responded to a request for clarification.

Board meeting

A board meeting was held on 11/12/2018, with discussion about procedural changes and potentially adding a safety officer. Parents were not invited to attend the meeting. Park Side has not provided an agenda or minutes from the meeting, but gave a brief summary in the email.

The Overview has been updated accordingly.