Park Side Preschool’s license revoked after death of child

Park Side Preschool’s license to operate was officially revoked yesterday, in a stipulated agreement between the preschool and the California Department of Social Services.

In October 2018, three-year-old Macie Opperman died after a newly installed tire swing fell over while Macie and two other children were playing on it. Shortly after, the state cited Park Side for improperly installing the swing. In February 2019 the state initiated an administrative action to revoke Park Side’s license. The preschool voluntarily closed in April, but appealed the revocation action.

In an agreement that went into effect yesterday, Park Side admitted (for licensing purposes) that the playground equipment was unanchored and unpadded, resulting in Macie’s death. Park Side’s license is revoked. Park Side cannot reapply for another license for two years, and any future application will take these events into account.

In addition, Park Side has been assessed and paid a $10,000 civil penalty (similar to a fine) to the state for violations that lead to the death of a child in care, the maximum allowed under the law.

Macie’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, currently scheduled to go to trial in June 2020.