Certified Inspections

Park Side initially refused to hire an expert to inspect the playground for safety, stating that it was “not needed.” Bowing to pressure from parents, such an inspection was recently performed. It revealed a number of new violations of CPSC safety guidelines, including inadequate padding and more unanchored equipment.

Heather Mitchell, director of Park Side Preschool, said that she “learned … that the requirements from licensing and the recommendations from the Inspector are different.” All the recommendations from this inspection were from the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook, which preschools in California are required to follow. Park Side said in October that they “have again reviewed the requirements of … [the CPSC] Public Playground Safety Handbook … to guide us.” Yet it took a “not needed” inspection to actually meet those requirements.

The violations have been corrected, and the inspector has signed off on the corrections. For the first time since the tire swing was installed, it is fair to say that the main playground has been inspected and meets safety standards.

The inner courtyard and its play structures remain uninspected.

Edited 3/11/2019 to clarify the dates discussed