Opinion: Thoughts on Park Side’s closure

Today marks the six month anniversary of Macie Opperman’s death and the day Park Side chose for their last day in operation.

I’m sad that Park Side is closing. It’s a real loss for the community which doesn’t have enough quality preschools. My son still calls Park Side ‘his preschool’ even though he hasn’t returned and has been attending a different school for months.

I’m sad that Macie died. To lose a child is unimaginable. To lose her in such a preventable and foreseeable way makes it all the more meaningless.

I’m sad that good and loving teachers are losing their jobs. They’ve suffered through this, too. I hope they can find peace in whatever comes next.

I’m sad that I agree it’s necessary for the preschool to lose their license. There may have been a path where Park Side could have survived this crisis, but they were unwilling to take it.

Today is a sad day.