Park Side no longer licensed, revocation still pending

In connection with closing their doors in April, Park Side has surrendered their license to operate as a preschool.

Surrendering a license does not automatically stop the state’s revocation action. The revocation hearing is still scheduled for next month.

According to Adam Weintraub, a California Department of Social Services spokesman:

In general both a surrendered license and a revoked license may be considered in reviewing a future new license application, and the circumstances in which a license was surrendered may be taken into account.

Even in cases where a license was surrendered, the Department may continue to pursue administrative action to revoke the license for the record;  assess options to exclude a licensee from the program for a set period of time or with a lifetime exclusion; impose civil penalties if warranted; and so forth. Any of these actions also could have effects on a future license application or on employment by a licensed facility.”

Updated 10:56 am with more details on the revocation action